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Tea Lover's Custom Tea Program

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This well rounded selection of some of our most popular teas is the perfect way to bring our loose leaf teas to your customers.

Each tea selection comes in a descriptive re-sealable 1 pound sized bag. The Tea Lover's Custom Tea Program is priced at a 10% savings off the regular combined pricing!

• Irish Breakfast • Gunpowder Green • China Keemun •
• China Sechung Oolong • China Jasmine • Formosa Oolong •
• Young Hyson Green • Peach Flavored Black • Spiced Masala Chai •
• Green Paradise Blend • Holiday Fruit & Spice • Peppermint Leaf Herbal* •

* Due to leaf density, please note that both the Peppermint Leaf Herbal and Formosa Oolong offerings are packed in an 8 ounce sized bag.


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Tea Lover&

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