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Scottish Breakfast

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Crafted by our blenders as an ode to the storied tea enthusiasts of Scotland, our special blend of fine Indian, Sri Lankan and Chinese teas produce a bright and lively liquor when brewed. Our Scottish Breakfast has a bit more strength and character than our other traditional breakfast tea blends.

Our Scottish Breakfast blend has a full flavored and robust taste that will help you start the day on the right foot. No breakfast is complete without a strong cup of tea and this blend is no exception!

brewing-information  Brewing Information

Brewing Tips: Our Scottish Breakfast tea blend should be made with cold, filtered water that has been brought to a rolling boil (205-212℉). Using one rounded teaspoon of loose tea or one teabag for each cup required, pour the boiling water over the tea leaves. Scottish Breakfast tea should be steeped for 4-5 minutes. Once the ideal brewing time has been reached, the leaves should be removed to prevent further steeping. Decant and enjoy!

How Much Tea Do I Need?

1 pound of loose leaf tea will make approximately 160 cups of brewed tea

4 ounces of loose leaf tea will make approximately 40 cups of brewed tea

Scottish Breakfast
Scottish Breakfast
Scottish Breakfast
Scottish Breakfast

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