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Boston Harbour 4 oz. Loose Tea

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Applauded by tea enthusiasts for many years, Boston Harbour Tea is an exceptional blend of the finest hand-picked black teas from Sri Lanka and Darjeeling. Teas grown in Sri Lanka are know as Ceylon teas and have a distinct taste that makes for the perfect afternoon tea. Darjeeling teas are grown in the high-altitude foothills of the Himalayas.

Due to the unique climate in the Darjeeling region, teas grown in this part of India tend to have a stimulating taste and aroma, setting them apart from other black teas. When brewed, Boston Harbour Tea produces a golden cup with a sweet aroma and a brisk flavor that is sure to please.

Each resealable bag contains 4 ounces of our signature loose tea blend.


Boston Harbour 4 oz. Loose Tea
Boston Harbour 4 oz. Loose Tea

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