Our Bulk Loose Tea Packaging Options
Our loose teas are available in one and five pound bulk packages that are air tight and can be opened and re-sealed with a zip top closure, as well as 4 ounce gold lacquered tins. In addition, a few select offerings are imported to us from their respective tea estates in Kilo (2.2 pound) bags. Several of our most popular offerings are also available in 15 count pyramid teabags pouches. These teabags are manufactured using wole tea leaves and a unique teabag material comprised of plant starches to ensure a healthy (and biodegradable) brewing method. All of our wholeasle packaging options ensure that you will be receiving the freshest tea available to serve or sell to your customers.
The larger bulk option has a reduced cost for our larger volume customers, while the 4 ounce tins and 15 count teabags, with their clean and colorful labels, make great retail offerings. We have found that retailers who serve our loose leaf teas to their customers, have had great success when offering 4 ounce tins or 15 count teabags of these same teas in a retail setting. All our tea packaging options are ideal ways to include Mark T. Wendell teas into your specialty tea program.