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Oolong Whole Leaf Teabags

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Our expert tea blenders have created a range of biodegradable, whole leaf pyramid style teabags. This is a perfect way to bring the convenience of the teabag into your everyday tea ritual!

Ti Kuan Yin Oolong - A semi-oxidized tea with a natural floral overtones.

Wu Yi Rock Oolong - Grown in Chinese mountains and makes a light brown cup with a bold earthy taste.

Our pyramid teabags are made of a cornstarch material and are biodegradable. The tag and string are attached to the teabags by an ultrasonic sealing process. So is the sealing of the bag itself. There is no glue or staples like a conventional tea bag. These offerings are packed in a unique re-closable pouch with descriptive label and brewing suggestions.

Unlike conventional tea bags, our offerings have more room for the tea leaves to unfurl and expand and yet have sufficient space for water to penetrate and infuse the leaves, thereby releasing the flavors in a very efficient manner.

Oolong Whole Leaf Teabags
Oolong Whole Leaf Teabags
Oolong Whole Leaf Teabags

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