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Pu-erh Teas

Pu-erh Teas
Welcome to our selection of Pu-erh Teas. A relatively new offering in the mainstream U.S. tea marketplace, Pu-erh is made from fermented Yunnan Black tea. After picking, Pu-erh is created by piling the tea for lengthy periods, allowing a true internal fermentation of the leaf to occur. This process gives Pu-erh its unique earthy overtones. This type of tea is cultivated in the world’s best tea growth areas, from tea bushes as tall as trees. Pu-erh has long been valued for its medicinal benefits, believed to aid in digestion and reduce cholesterol. Primarily packaged in compressed shapes of varying sizes, Pu-erh teas are also available in loose leaf form.
Our loose leaf teas come in several varying bulk, tea tin and teabag packaging options, please click here to learn more.

Green Yiwu Bingcha Pu-erh Cake, 2004
Green Yiwu Bingcha Pu-erh Cake, 2004
250 gram wrapped cake
Sourced from wild tea trees, this young pu-erh has a complex flavor and attractive leaf composition. Each cake is covered in a decorative wrapper.
Organic Bold Leaf Pu-erh
Organic Bold Leaf Pu-erh
5 lb. Bag
1 lb. Bag
4 oz. Tin
Cases of 12: 4 oz. Tin
Cupping Sample
A full leaf version of a dark and robust Pu-erh tea
This offering is an organically grown, full leaf version of Pu-erh. The dry leaf of this selection is dark and rich in appearance. Upon brewing, you will notice the unique damp, earthy scent characteristic of a fine black Pu-erh. Our Organic Bold Leaf Pu-erh has a smooth, deeply fermented flavor that puts this selection in a class all its own.
Pu-erh Tuocha
Pu-erh Tuocha
1 kg. Bag
6 oz. Tin
Cases of 12: 6 oz. Tin
Cupping Sample-4 pieces
A dark Pu-erh tea compressed into unique nest shapes
Maintaining the Pu-erh tradition of being sold in various shapes and sizes, this selection has been compressed into small nest shapes, often referred to as tuo cha. We have found that each tuo cha piece will make approximately 16 ounces of hot tea. When brewed, Pu-erh yields a dark, full-bodied brew that has a unique damp and earthy aroma taste. It retains its flavor through several infusions very well.

Please note that each piece is covered in a paper wrapper to preserve its unique shape. This wrapper should be removed before brewing.
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